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Post-op Visit

Chococat had his post-op vet visit yesterday. Good news is his is healing nicely and he will only need his cone of shame/stay crated for 10 more days! Not so good news is he has a bit of a respiratory infection that we need to watch. If we can get through the poopsplosion of 2018 […]

He fell in his POO!

Chococat is 4 days post-op. He pooped for the first time after surgery, yesterday evening! My husband saw him in the act and went to get the scooper to get it out of his litter box right away. He was only gone 15 seconds. When he came back to Chococat’s crate there was poo everywhere. […]

The Story

On Saturday, January 20th, Chococat jumped or lost his footing from the second floor and landed at the bottom of the staircase. He ran up the stairs where I caught him after I rushed over there from hearing him meowing in pain. I picked him up and when I did I noticed his left rear […]